Solar Power for Homes and Businesses

We install solar power systems and peace of mind

Solar power system

Reduce the impact on
your wallet

Reduce your impact on
the environment

Reduce your reliance on
the grid

Solar Systems save you money

Harvest the Sunshine

An effective solar power system (photovoltaic panels ) uses sunlight as an energy source to generate electricity. The electricity generated by the solar power system can be fed directly to you loads via the distruntion board (a grid tied system) or stored in battery packs as energy storage for later use or back-up power during power outages.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar power systems reduce
your carbon footprint

Sustainable energy production is becoming increasingly important. Decrease your carbon footprint by producing your own solar electricity. 

Keep the lights on

Rely on solar energy and your
own battery storage.

Reduce your reliance on the grid
and increase your savings.

Our Mission

We are going to create a one gigawatt solar power business on the African Continent.

We are going to create a one gigawatt solar power business within 20 years

Enerlogy is a clean and renewable solar energy company with big ambitions. We want to reach across the African continent, and we aim to be amongst the premier suppliers of solar energy solutions in Africa.