Save and live your dreams!

The problem

Do you want to send your kids to a private school so that they get a head start in life? Do you wish you could go overseas  so that you fulfill your promise to take your family to take them somewhere nice. What about remodeling the kitchen, or rather adding on a room to your house, or to save for your retirement? I’m sure you want to do all these things, I know I do!? Where will the money come from? As it is you can barely save a few hundred rand each month? What if I told you that you could do all these things, and live your dreams?

The high cost of electricity is a drain on your pocket and on your resources and as a result you don’t save. Eskom and electricity costs are like a monster that needs to be fed all the time. It cobbles up state resources and it eats up your savings too! Why don’t you stop that.

The solution

Install a solar PV  system to produce most of your own electricity so that you can use the SAVINGS to pay for the things that are REALLY important to you, like a quality education for your kids, an overseas holiday, or to build  a granny cottage.

Take this first step !

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Electricity saving : Our elevator pitch

What do we do?

We help consumers and businesses produce their own electricity using solar so that they can save money and reduce their reliance on the grid.

How do we do it?

We fit solar panels to your roof or other accessible space. The panels are connected to an inverter that converts the DC power to AC power. Your appliances use AC power.  All power that you produce yourself is free from the sun! You  save money because you are producing your own power rather than buying it  from the utility.

Why do we do it

Customers want to save money and we help them do that. Electricity costs are climbing and fitting solar panels is one way that customers can reduce their bills. In addition, customers who save solar fitted are  can playing an active role in reducing green house gas emissions and saving valuable resources for future generations.

Our Experience

We have completed over 50 residential projects, 10 commercial projects and 4 schools. We have done work for private customers, business owners, and NGOs like Oxfam, EarthLife and Greenpeace.

We have many satisfied customers and can provide references for you to call.

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Packaged Solutions


It is possible to buy packaged SunnySets that are pre-configured in certain popular and common sizes. For eg, a family household can purchase a3kw or  5kw system to produce most of it’s energy requirements without having to engage with designers, electricians, and energy planners. A simple calculation of consumption is all that is needed to start.

Buying a pre-configured SunnySet makes sense where ease of use, time and resources are important. Since all our systems are scalable and modular, adding more capacity is as easy as just ordering another pre-configured system.










Enerlogy stocks a variety of products and components for solar and wind installations. For instance Enerlogy imports mounting brackets from major suppliers around the world and in addition Enerlogy has its own line of brackets that is manufactured in South Africa.

In support of local business growth  Enerlogy outsources the manufacture of its componets to local firms, for e.g:

We outsource the casting of  solar concrete ballasts to a local business instead of importing it.

We also outsource the manufacturing of our roof tile bracket to a small engineering firm who make the bracket to our exact specification. Other brackets are under manufacture to cater for the diverse roof applications in South Africa and neighboring countries.