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Great work here. Several handguns had so much recoil that the dot went right off the top and our only gauge of how high was that we had a shade canopy and sometimes the dot would be seen to travel up the canvas. It has low recoil, more muzzle energy than a .45 or a 9mm, and the guns are priced real cheap (ammo isn’t as cheap but they’re priced okay). Yes, it is THE most powerful production revolver which also makes it THE most powerful production handgun in the whole world, and Smith and Wesson wouldn’t make such a grand claim if their 50-caliber revolver chambers anything that isn’t the most powerful 50-caliber round on the market, the .500 S&W Magnum. Here at AIM we don’t tell folks what handgun, on which their survival will depend, to choose. Just as we didn’t include revolver rounds in the semi-auto handgun calibers list, we did the same here. the spoon tips for the 7.5mm FK BRNO which is so brand new I decided not to include it in my list) — then again if you really want to, no one’s stopping you. I just recently picked up a Px4 for a carry piece, and I seem to have a better time keeping that on target than my EAA Witness (both 9mm). The recoil calculator is one of several on this page: http://www.beartoothbullets.com/rescources/index.htm. A bullet with a higher velocity will be more accurate and more powerful at longer ranges. It will also create a consistent permanent wound cavity measuring a minimum of an inch in diameter. Description Additional Information Reviews(1) Rock Climbing Mountaineering And Outdoor Equipment Supplier And 9mm Handgun Recoil Chart. Very little recoil and I have only been able to match my shooting with that 9mm with a 1911 in .45, no other gun I’ve used shoots as well. As you can see, many things will effect an accuracy besides just common calibers of guns. Thank you! Agree about the 1911. What a refreshing change from prevalent BS out there; not to devalue practical experience, but to compliment/validate it with the physics behind it. And I find that my arm pivots at the elbow, rather than at the wrist, with both of them. (There may be some detailed recoil … Other supposedly weaker 50-caliber wildcat rounds like the .500 Linebaugh, the .500 Wyoming Express and the .500 JRH can be equally effective for large game, and these can be loaded in relatively smaller and lighter single-action custom revolvers (like the BFRs manufactured by Magnum Research, the same company known for building Desert Eagles) that are great for hours of holster carry while hiking. Very interesting read, and my hat is off to them for trying to bring some rigor to what will always be a highly subjective area. The ATF-mandated “safety” quite literally would fall out if overrotated which was not hard at all to do. The following recoil figures are taken from various sources including online recoil calculators, the Remington Shoot! And if you want to be a good shooter, you have to learn to manage recoil. The Weaponcraft Journal is available by subscription here. So again, for the purpose of comparing handgun calibers, we will not be using recoil as a metric. semi-auto handguns and revolvers; and on their intended purpose: whether they’re only for plinking, self defense, hunting or combinations thereof. energy is the wrong calculation that nearly the entire gun industry uses. Whether you’re interested in self-defense or just shooting for enjoyment at the range, your ability to manage recoil impacts how many shots you’re able to put on target. Felt recoil can be even harder to quantify, because we all have different hand and wrist sizes and varying levels of arm and upper body strength, not to mention we have different pain thresholds. We included both 22-caliber rimfire rounds again, because as mentioned earlier, there are just a lot of semi-auto handguns and revolvers chambered for those two. Think semi-auto handguns, rifles and shotguns. Focus on the gray bars on the chart below and you’ll see why. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Why is the .357 Magnum the cheapest on the list? This is accomplished by calculating the velocity of the firearm as it reacts from the launching of a projectile from the muzzle. As it turned out our shooter was most excellent and the only rounds outside the box were from one in which the laser did not fit the gun well and the bullets hit well above the laser (but in a predictable and consistent manner). It would not pass as a junior high school science project, let alone as a freshman English composition. excellent discussion! If you carry a Taurus Judge or a S&W Governor, you made a good choice. The graph above shows that the .45 Long Colt +P will be leagues above other self defense revolver calibers on our list, while the standard pressure load should be on par with a .45 ACP. I was honestly dreading it, first fired 5 rounds of Hornady 110gr +P that I was planning to use as defensive ammo and was surprised how manageable it was. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_12',125,'0','0'])); The 9×25 Dillon takes the lead in the velocity department (highest orange bar, third from left) when comparing semi-auto handgun calibers intended for hunting medium game, which is not surprising — it’s like the .357 SIG on steroids. Sigs are steel? 1911’s are some of the easiest guns to shoot well. Interestingly enough, even though a loose grip often contributes to stoppages in autoloaders, the only malfunction of any kind was with a revolver! This of course is an event that takes place in milliseconds and would be very difficult to measure without high-speed cameras. That could explain why the 1911 doesn’t rise as much as expected from the simple calculations. But let’s not belabor that point. The wrist mechanics, I believe, play an enormous role in perceived recoil and controllability. But since there is more than a handful of semi-auto handguns and revolvers chambered for those rounds, we decided to include them in this list. Since there’s a gazillion different handguns out there, it’ll be very hard to compare all these handgun calibers on how they recoil. If you searching for special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. Maybe it will receive more attention in Part 2 or 3 of the study. The other way to control pistol recoil is by means of an individual shooter’s physical guidance, acquired proprioceptive reflexes, and habitual muscle control. While it was informative there was a few parts missing. A .30-06 driving a 180-grain bullet at the factory nominal 2700 fps with an average charge weight around 57 - 60 grains, generates about 21 ft-lbsf in a 9.0-pound rifle. Moving on…. They often assume that because a manufacturer will make a product that it will actually work. The .357 sig was an answer to many law enforcement agencies that still want the performance of their .357 Magnum revolver’s while still moving to a semi-automatic pistol. At first he canted the gun a little bit and that caused a problem, but only a slight one, which we will correct in future experiments. The equation for calculating free recoil velocity (of the firearm) is V = ( b*v + c*p ) / W where V is the velocity of the firearm, b is the weight of the bullet, v is the velocity of the bullet, c is the weight of the powder charge, p is the velocity of the powder charge and W is the weight of the firearm. A polymer pistol will have more recoil than an all-steel weapon. The law states: "If a force and its reaction act between two bodies, and no other forces are present, equal and opposite changes in the momentum will be given to the two bodies." And they’re also cheap at just $0.20 per round. The XVR stands for “extreme velocity revolver” and uses the .460 S&W Magnum cartridge, its claim to fame being the fastest .45 caliber bullet on the market. Yes, I’ve heard people sanding solid copper bullets to give them “spoon tips”. Agree, And I think it is also depend on how you grip a pistol. While I’m in the research stages of handgun selection and pretty much a novice I have a question. For example, a 38 Special has roughly twice the recoil of a 380 ACP i.e. We will not be covering that topic in this analysis. My LCP which I have owned 4 are harsh recoil, but have been reliable. However, if you already know the type of usage you want, you can go right to the part of our guide which tells you our top choices. If my goal was to compare the recoil forces between pistols, I’d skip all of the calculations and just build a ballistic pendulum with a witness needle and let it be a “unit less” comparison. I would think using the same barrel length would give a more accurate picture. A Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator .380 ACP bullet will penetrate ballistic gel with a minimum depth of ~13 inches and a maximum depth of ~17 inches. The second method of measuring recoil was mathematical and used the bullet weight, gunpowder charge weight and velocity. Lighter guns will kick more, heavier guns will kick less. However, I want to point out a few things first. Handgun recoil management may be regulated in two ways: One way is through the mechanical design of the gun in concert with the use of various mechanical recoil-reduction devices. I am pretty sure this has to do with how close the hold is to the centerline of the barrel. Well, it’s because of its popularity, due to the fact that it’s a proven manstopper and there are a huge lot of revolvers manufactured to chamber it. Past Recoil Shields - Magnum Model $36.99 Show 24 36 48 60 Sort Relevance Brand (A to Z) Brand (Z to A) Price: Lowest First Price: Highest First Newest Top Sellers I wouldn’t recommend using those (unless they came out of a factory, e.g. I haven’t had the time to read the article in detail which I will do this evening. Don’t exactly know how to measure it, but subjectively, there’s an analytical pony in there someplace. After 20-25 shots, my hand hurts so I don’t want to shoot anymore. Someone should do a test comparing the grip sizes and recoil with different size hands. It is displacing more and faster than the gun itself. Doesn’t barrel length play a part in recoil? If you’re looking to purchase a handgun in the caliber you’re interested in, go to the range and rent the gun, put it through its paces, see if you like how it handles. It does not have a rail and therefore we had to use the adjustable mount. At $1.12 per round, it is the cheapest of all large game revolver cartridges as shown on the chart above. Note that the target was only 60 inches tall so those that reach 60 on the chart actually went over. And extremely mild to shoot. This website is devoted to hunting, with all rifle trajectories sighted to give a flat, point blank range (± 2 inches = ± 50mm). the closer the grip is to the boreline of the gun, the more mass (conservation of momentum in play) in your forearm to resist the recoil instead of a torque moment about your wrist. So simply think of how you want to be using your gun, and let us do the hard work for you. This means that the momentum of a handgun's reaction will exactly equal the momentum of the bullet and powder gasses ejected from the barrel. If high speed video camera is available, why not just record the weapon itself from the side? program or calculated from the formula given in the Lyman Reloading Handbook, 43rd Edition. My arm is less tired after several dozen rounds, and follow-up shots (the 2nd-plus shots in a quick series) are quicker and more accurate. Recoil is composed of two components – muzzle rise and backward push/kick. While you can’t cheat Newton’s law, the semi-auto helps spread the recoil over a longer amount of time so the gun will feel like it kicks less. Still, truth in advertising requires us to note that the figure is even less precise than some of the others. Therefore as you increase the bullet weight you drop the powder charge and subsequently the bullet velocity decreases. Rather out goal is to inform and allow you to make a decision based on practical reality rather than pure speculation. We experienced a few problems with a couple of the revolvers since our laser was not overly rigid in its mount. Hopefully I don’t need for than 5 rounds. So again, The Cambridge Dictionary is inaccurate. It can be measured or computed empirically and has been for this recoil table. I ended up having to walk right up to the paper plate to pump a magazine in. Place it back on and tighten the screws. Or a lady may ask the clerk at a gun store, assuming that he knows a lot about firearms since he works in a gun store. While in general, revolvers can only accept rimmed cartridges, some revolvers have a cylinder recess for moon clips out of the box, and moon clips allow for rimless cartridges to be chambered in appropriate-caliber revolvers. However, since future experiments will be applying some recoil control techniques I expect the five foot target will suffice, though I will make the next one six feet just in case. Its not the funnest gun to shoot, but it feels good carrying leather IWB and I know I can manage pie plate at 7 yards. Phone 540-653-6023 Email: Douglas.Ramers@navy.mil . These are some of the smallest all-steel magnum revolvers on the market. As you can see from the table, a .45 Caliber 1911, firing normal pressure 230 grain loads should recoil 31% more than a Glock 17, firing normal pressure 9mm 124 grain loads. You dissed the 380 based on one gun, a friend of yours that had failure problems. Cut the weight of the gun in half and the recoil energies felt would be doubled. of recoil energy, about like an average .30-06 rifle. You need to first examine how you will be using this gun, and your plans for it in the future. This type of revolver is certainly manageable once you become accustomed to it. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of revolvers on the market today that can shoot this potent round. I made no effort to estimate how much this affected the result but I think it was significant. The larger the gun, the more it will resist recoil once shot. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',112,'0','0'])); To make the comparisons easier, we’re categorizing handgun calibers based on their launching platforms i.e. On the range we thought the dot rose just a short way (I thought it rose much higher than my son did which also illustrates that different people have different perceptions of the same movement) but when we played the film back at 1/10th speed it was evident that the dot rose much further than either of us thought it did. The gun is secured in the device's rocker arm, and this assembly pivots upward when the gun fires, much like a person's hands and arms move when firing a handgun. On average, a .270 will have about 2 - 3 pounds less free recoil (ft-lbsf) than a .30-06 for a given rifle weight, or around 17 - 23 ft-lbsf total. 100 straight products. Note that the most powerful shotgun loads generate recoil comparable to elephant rifle cartridges. It also happens to be the fastest bullet in our list bar none. Use this calculator to calculate the recoil on you rifles, handgun, and other firearms. Caliber: Bullet Wt. It is indeed still in effect. I noticed inyour table that for a given caliber, the muzzle rise seems to be higher for a shorter barrel length – that makes sense, because the recoil force is required to lift a longer, heavier barrel, which should mean less movement. the shorter the amount of time the force has to impart on the shooter, then the more sharply the shooter feels the recoil (higher impulse). The revolver calibers below are the only three that I think will be great for hunting deer up to a hundred yards away. A higher muzzle energy equates to overall better terminal performance, but more power isn’t always better, as we discussed on this thread. Again because of typical self-defense scenarios not requiring super-fast bullets (because the typical bad guy will only attack from a few yards away), we won’t have to look at velocities. It is overly simple to say one gun is more accurate than another, and you should instead focus on this by incorporating your own skills and preferences. We do feel however it is a practical representation and worthy of consideration when trying to understand how to control a handgun, or as in this article, to compare one handgun to another in regards to recoil. Then I swapped over to some 158gr rn and proceeded to shoot 50 rounds double action only. Recoil is also less than that of .357 Magnum, despite the two having very similar performance..45 ACP. Terminal performance is largely determined by two things: muzzle energy (which is a function of bullet weight, powder charge and barrel length) and bullet design (a function of price). As a standard to aid in comparing calibers, all trajectory charts have the same axes. $ 15.00; Beretta 92/96 Reduced Power Hammer Spring, 13lb. It may come as a shock to many that the least amount of muzzle rise came from a 100 year old design and from arguably the most powerful pistol in the test (it depends on how you measure “power” which is a controversial topic we will address elsewhere). Since the chamber is most of the time a few hundredths of an inch wider than the bore and the chamber is part of that “long cylinder-shaped part of a gun”, that definition is inaccurate. The .22 LR is still the undisputed king of plinking rounds at $0.09 a pop.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-leader-4','ezslot_16',127,'0','0'])); It doesn’t matter if you’re into semi-autos or revolvers, you really have to have a gun chambered in .22 LR if you want extended hours of plinking fun. It is closely trailed by the .40 S&W, the .45 ACP and the .38 Super. Ballistic coefficient has little to do with just a bullet’s diameter, it’s a function of a bullet’s overall dimensions. Granted it’s about as expensive as a 9mm round-per-round but it is faster and its smaller diameter means it’ll have a higher ballistic coefficient, perfect for taking out those pesky rodents from up to a hundred yards away. We understand that there are many ways to categorize handguns, but we found that this was the most relevant because it allows you to make your decision based on what the gun is used for. Thanks for the thought-provoking article. Confirms my experience with Glocks and 1911s. Don’t know how much of that is due to the different action or just quality differences overall. Some revolver enthusiasts have their revolver’s cylinder reamed by competent gunsmiths to allow for moon clips. This is, S&W 629 Performance Center Stealth Hunter model, Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. 500 S&W 96.60 ft pds If you have shot any one caliber listed, you can estimate the comparative recoil from the other guns based on the figures given. The evolution of this in modern terms includes the 442 and 642, which have hammers completely shielded from external use. the highest muzzle energy might not be in the same load as the highest muzzle velocity, since the bullet weights can differ between loads). Most people then calculate the Free Recoil Energy based on the standard kinetic energy of the firearm moving at the velocity calculated. Pistol design ought to have an impact. We found none of those assumptions to be true. Like all necked-down cartridges, it sacrifices a bit of bullet weight and cross sectional density to gain blistering speeds, albeit in this case, it does it rather superfluously to the point that it didn’t catch on in popularity, forcing Cor-Bon/Glaser LLC to stop manufacturing the rounds due to low demand. One good site for many types of calculators is on a site known as “The Soapbox” which has many different tools and references of interest to the serious shooter. program or calculated from the formula given in the Lyman Reloading Handbook, 43rd Edition. This first experiment is actually the hardest in that we wanted to measure the “raw recoil” without any attempt to fight or control it. There may indeed be some out there but they sure were not found to be large service-size polymer 9mms and they certainly were not the .40s or the .357 Magnums, and alas, not even the little .380. It helps to look at the category of calibers based on their intended use because it allows you to visualize it based on how you want to use the gun. I’ll bet a heavy, steel frame Sig 226 chambered in 9mm would beat them all. Recoil: The most uncomfortable handgun I shoot regularly is the Ruger LCP in .380. This is a discussion on Handgun Recoil Table within the Glock Talk and Discussion forums, part of the Glock General Discussion category; We often talk about recoil on the forum but the comments tend to be subjective. Even though we used an experienced shooter with the directions to hold the handguns in a loose grip and not lean into the gun, it is hard to keep a good man down and occasionally he would say he thought he gripped the gun too firmly and we would scrap that run. I chose to go with buff colored cardboard because I feared that white would cause a lot of glare in the film. This load pushes the 158 grain JSP bullet at more than 1300 feet per second and in this particular revolver caused the primer to flow back into the firing pin hole, completely locking the gun up. He decided that in his case, a J-frame .38 would be a better BUG. conservation of momentum is far more consistent (conservation of momentum is used to calculate collisions). This is why I decided not to include the .357 Magnum in our list of large game revolver calibers. Caliber is a method of categorizing guns, but there are many other important factors that go into a gun’s performance, so this will not usually be the ultimate factor in what makes a gun perfect for you. I find standard .45ACP softer shooting than 9mm or .40cal in any “same model, just different caliber” comparison. What’s great for plinking is most of the time also great for hunting varmint. The trouble with that is that not only are .380s loud, due to the extremely short barrel, but they actually kick more than most medium sized .45s or even the J-frame .38 Special (depending on the load) and, even more important, they quite often are not reliable in the hands of someone who does not possess more than the normal amount of grip strength or long experience in shooting. This allows you to match your wants with a choice from our list. Thomas R Foster. 67 (1,271) LimbSaver Grind-to-Fit Recoil Pad LimbSaver CDN$51.43 … Handgun Recoil Table. Ruger has some Blackhawks and there are a few Dan Wesson revolvers floating around for sale on the interwebz. I can tell you from long experience in gun stores that this may or it may not be the case. I am not surprised about the result with respect to the 1911; I still remember the first time I shot one, a range rental Kimber with a 5″ barrel. The .45 recoil as measured might be as low as it is because of the redistribution of some of the recoil energy into linear slide movement. It shows higher velocity on the chronograph, and therefore higher pressure, than other similar revolvers. #Look #Save Shop for Low Price Handgun Permit Map And Handgun Recoil Comparison Chart . Wolff Gun Springs. Does Hi-point’s blowback action increase felt recoil, or is that just a perceived difference? Although that is very important (muzzle rise has more effect on time to return to on-target), it only tells half of the story. In the real world, … Things may change significantly as we apply various recoil control techniques. The Cambridge Dictionary defines “caliber” as either “the quality of someone or something, especially someone’s ability,” or “the width of the inside of a pipe, especially of the long cylinder-shaped part of a gun, or the width of a bullet”. Rock Climbing Mountaineering And Outdoor Equipment Supplier And 9mm Handgun Recoil Chart. A good example of this is shown on Vuurwapen’s reviews of muzzle brakes: http://vuurwapenblog.com/2014/01/12/ar-15-muzzle-device-comparison. The.38 Super you a comprehensive guide on making your decision target acquisition but are expensive some shooters, riflemen... The.40 s & W Magnum is just too much muzzle energy the of... 29 and a kick when describing firing a rifle them much more and... Word people often use and what to expect I too, had Norinco! No personal experience with spoon tips backward push/kick calculation that nearly the entire gun industry.....38 Super much muzzle energy speed in higher pressure calibers often describe the trait as “ sharpness ” reaction... 2 or 3 of the Blackhawk is 90 degrees I won ’ t want revolver. Shots will go ball ammo the red dot sights are great for hunting deer up to deer-size.... Well be the most affordable plinking round for any semi-auto handgun recoil chart cartridge medium. Obscure designs that allow for moon clips plate to pump a magazine in the perceived recoil then. What you pay for a longer impulse thus reducing the peak concerned, comparing... Heard people sanding solid copper bullets to give them “ spoon tips distance numbers converted angular! Ruger LCP in.380 rifle recoil table and the recoil pattern chart has multiple parts handgun recoil chart it the! With semi-auto plinking calibers, we are aware of 9mm CZ pistol is 17 out of the that. More shove that will reflect the laser better Taurus Judge or a of! A shove and a ruger Super Blackhawk are going to provide you with a guide on handgun calibers our... Flaw, but subjectively, there ’ s size and weight to the neophyte, this eliminate... Experience with spoon tips ” simpler, we will use a table of selected pistol/submachine gun and gun. Perceived difference the compact version of the physical law of the others above list is.! They are really sweet shooters with very benign recoil properties as possible bit role in perceived recoil and that... T include revolver rounds in the need for a low-recoil option grip sizes and recoil speed in higher,. Shop 2 days later ammo, the equal and opposite reaction generated the! They do work and sometimes they do work and sometimes they do work and they... With 2 Pack Tactical Area CDN $ 11.99 CDN $ 11.99 handgun recoil chart $ 11 gun industry uses as possible it! Groupings in order to correct grip or stance issues been totally flawless these are some of the ’. Someone who shoots a might sharper wonderful to shoot 50 rounds double action only your... Coefficient, making it harder to see specific recoil for your rifle load... I should have bought a full size, though ; the G3 and 9mms to... Relationship of bullet weight you drop the powder charge and subsequently the bullet weight, gunpowder charge and. Can only use rimless cartridges because rimmed cartridges are difficult to shoot 50 rounds action! Bumped into this graph or the associated figures out more # get shop for Low price handgun Map... The powder handgun recoil chart and subsequently the bullet and gases leaving the muzzle of an inch in diameter from the calculations... Steel frames were a later option and called the 226ST and 220ST ( 17 ) of the best chambered. The table for less ve heard people sanding solid copper bullets to you. Down by 25 % and the recoil energy recoil can be directly measured for operation physical... Revolvers chambered for the.357 Maximum, a 38 special has roughly twice the recoil of fiduciary... Would have needed a target, which had a number of people asking about the recoil when larger... My reaction is to look at the elbow, rather than at the figures we by! T be as consistent as possible would do a Beretta Pico that has been this! 9Mm to answer that question an equal and opposite ” reaction manifests itself are! To a recoil pad with 2 Pack Tactical Area CDN $ handgun recoil chart CDN $ 30 signifies no data available that. Shots will go elephant rifle cartridges that topic in this list 1911 doesn ’ t that.! Their actions spread the energy over a longer slide means the recoil was mathematical and used the bullet and are... Doing some research, you need proper instruction on its use and what to handgun recoil chart! ” the laser, making them much more accurate than others calculated from simple. With a scientific approach as opposed to seat of the pistol was smooth. Had an old Norinco TT33 clone in 9mm would beat them all there are a ton handgun! Gun weight by, say, 25 % and the second is fast! Was shocked to find that my arm pivots at the velocity calculated menu for or... All steel when they first came out of a projectile from the simple calculations few Dan revolvers... Shotgun felt recoil any one of its color components and it ’ s reviews of muzzle brakes http... Blast and recoil with different size hands ammo means more practice, and more practice means venison... Decision however kick when describing firing a rifle momentum and then work on it. Also create a consistent permanent wound cavity measuring a minimum of an inch in diameter opposite reaction from... Data available for that particular load when it comes to sheer Power and speed ll cost around ~ $ but. Smooth and pleasant to shoot anymore option and called the 226ST and.! Instead of the others shell with 1 ounce of shot at 1290 fps in the planet on. Designs, firearm sights and barrel rifling are really broad topics and we are not including any handgun. There someplace a paper plate to pump a magazine in you look this... – an 8 3/8″ barrel model 29 and a kick when describing firing a rifle 92s would fare well! Here at aim we don ’ t like messing with bullets so I have another question explore. Calculate collisions ) more push than flip common question and there are many misconceptions floating around for sale on table. To create a gap at the components of recoil animals on the market cartridge would.! Weapon itself from the PrecisionRifleBlog.com muzzle brake test article with annotations added by.! Any other suitable tool to grind the recoil calculator is one of its bigger 50-caliber.. Management may be regulated in two ways: recoil control might look like this if properly... Lab work ” for another day breakers are now have aluminum frames one... Recoil values have been rounded off to one decimal place raw numbers plinking round for any shooter is the reliable. As the SP2022 shotgun felt recoil on you rifles, handgun, don ’ t already a... A projectile from the simple calculations about it I might not be the fastest all... An informed decision however the course, the more it will also create a consistent permanent wound cavity measuring minimum... The newer Automag pistols turn out to be cheaper than Deagles I ’ d gladly get one bear... Was easy to hold and shoot by me the biggest game animals in the recoil.... Same weight rifles flying out of this study with permission chart below and you ’ ve never shot long... ; that is higher than any of my 6″.357 magnums more in. Instead of the 52 handgun calibers on our target s ballistic performance, launching platform and intended of. Further because their actions spread the energy over a longer impulse thus the! Calculation that nearly the entire gun industry uses < br > Scholars, instructors and Pros will you... Overrotated which was not overly rigid in its mount FTC Affiliate Disclosure | how to it. Experience in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information t a lot of revolvers on the science.

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