Our WHY?

Why does Enerlogy want to work in Africa and why Enerlogy is involved in renewable energy. We asked ourselves these serious questions and we have identified 12 reasons that we believe informs our thinking and makes the case for our involvement. We believe that Enerlogy can go beyond just being a business, we believe that Enerlogy can contribute to the greater good of Africa, fostering social enterprise and encouraging entrepreneurship. Hereunder follows our 12 reasons for doing what we do. This is “OUR WHY”

  • Because there are over 700 million Africans who lack access to electricity. [1]
  • Because energy security and access should be a basic human right.
  • Because over 400 000 Africans die each year from smoke inhalation from cooker stove pollution.[2]
  • Because in certain areas an  African person can spend up to 4 hours a day finding fuel and cooking a basic meal.[3]
  • Because of this time wastage African women and girl children invariable suffer the most because they cannot attend school and thus are unable to lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Because in certain regions an  African person can  spend more than 10x the amount that an average middle class South African will spend on energy. (as a % of income)
  • Because through the provision of energy that is less harmful to individuals and the environment, and that is more cost effective and more accessible, every rand saved actually makes a real difference and helps communities to extricate themselves out of poverty.
  • Because clean or renewable energy offers job creation opportunities. Each MW of energy generated creates up to 30 jobs. With the multiplier effect, in Africa 30 working individuals could easily benefit a wider group of at least 100. With the estimated 30 GW potential over the next decade clean energy could alone lead to the creation of over 900 000 jobs ultimately assisting over 2.7 million Africans.[4]
  • Because we want to make the world a better place by providing clean and renewable energy to the millions who lacked it.
  • Because access to energy is a way out of poverty.
  • Because access to energy will boost entrepreneurship and livelihoods.
  • Because clean and renewable energy is better for the planet and its valuable resources.


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