3kW Newlands Pretoria

This system is in a leafy suburb of Pretoria called Newlands. It is a 3kW thin film system with Solar Frontier panels and a Steca inverter. We used roof brackets we manufacture ourselves.We did an assessment of the clients needs and worked out that a 3kW system would be adequate. This client is already managing his consumption very effectively.

The client was anxious to reduce his electricity consumption and understood clearly that this is a grid tied system that will also go down should the gird fail. To this end he is now looking at installing a small battery backup system.

Three simple rows
Inspecting the final fittings

In the meantime the client reports excellent production. Peak production on 24th Nov was an amazing 18.5kW for the day . Dec 2014 UPDATE: The client reportĀ  total production of 427kWh for the month of December, that isĀ  almost 85% of his total monthly consumption. Now that is impressive!