Energy meters

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

This is a powerful quote from one of the world’s greatest management gurus. If you’ve never measured anything meaningful , you will never understand how much power there is in measuring and tracking data.

The simple act of measuring something and thus paying attention to what is being measured will cause your brain to make connections it never did before, and because of this added attention you will find yourself more aware and depending on what is being measured you will will want to improve the score, the data or the metric being measured, and surprisingly this will happen without hardly  without any extra effort on your part.

Knowing this can now work in you favour in regard to your energy usage. If you start to measure it you will start to save it!  Enerlogy stocks a range of energy monitoring meters.

Simple, effective and easy to operate our energy meters will save you money and repay its purchase cost almost immediately. How, you ask? Well, it simple really, place the LCD monitor on the kitchen counter or easily noticeable place. Look at the screen often, it shows the “Energy Now”  screen , that is the real consumption at that instant. This information “encourages” you to notice what appliances are on, what can be switched off and hey presto! you have just saved energy and that means saved money. Energy you have not used is energy you don’t have to buy, result? SAVINGS IN YOUR POCKET!

We stock the following meters:

Efergy Classic

Efergy E2 (with energy management software)