Solar PV Sets

Enerlogy is glad to announce that we now stock Solar Sets from Solar Frontier. Sizes range from 3KW to 20KW. This is ideal  for residential consumers and small businesses.

Larger units can be designed from scratch to meet the needs of bigger commercial  and industrial customers

Manufactured 100% in Japan, Solar Frontier’s modules are powering homes around the world; from Japan to Germany, from Australia to Namibia, and now in SOUTH AFRICA. See a local project here. Together with a chic black,  matt-like reflective surface, Solar Frontier modules make the ideal partner for any roof. The thin film modules are paired with Steca inverters to give our customers the best of German and Japanese expertise and manufacturing with the benefits of Chinese prices!Solar Frontier solar set










Installation is done by our qualified team managed by a senior manager or the owner. All systems carry a SOLAR FRONTIER 10 year product guarantee for all registered systems. In addition the systems also carry a SOLAR FRONTIER  10/25 year performance guarantee.

All prices quoted below are for a fully installed system grid tied system for standard installation.

This includes, modules, inverter, mounting structures, cabling, labour and commissioning.

PLEASE NOTE: these grid tied systems do NOT have any backup storage!

Disclaimer: final price is determined by site specifications.

Promotional prices:

3kw: R60 000

5kw: R100 000

6kw: R120 000

(all prices ex vat)

Download case studies below

Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

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