3kw Meadowbrooke 1

This is a new project for a client who wants to lower his electricity bill. There are multiple tenants who are at home during the day and the day time production will be particularly useful since the production curve will match the load profile.

This installation took us 2 days:

Day 1 We attended to the DC side, that is fitting the brackets, rails and the panels. We also finished the DC side cabling. We finished the day off by installing the inverter.

Day 2 We attended to the electrical side of the projects. We connected the inverter, fitted the DC fuses, the meter ,the isolators and the circuit breakers. We then connected the panels to the inverter and then connected the inverter to the AC DB. All that was left was to upgrade software, run a few tests and then switch on the inverter. After a few anxious minutes the inverter auto synchronized to the grid and we were done. Our customer now produces at least a third of his total consumption from solar power!

Note: No electricity is fed back into the grid. Whatever is produced is used by the load of the house.

E Team
The E-Team!