What do we do?

We help consumers and businesses produce their own electricity using solar so that they can save money and reduce their reliance on the grid.

How do we do it?

We fit solar panels to your roof or other accessible space. The panels are connected to an inverter that converts the DC power to AC power. Your appliances use AC power.  All power that you produce yourself is free from the sun! You  save money because you are producing your own power rather than buying it  from the utility.

Why do we do it

Customers want to save money and we help them do that. Electricity costs are climbing and fitting solar panels is one way that customers can reduce their bills. In addition, customers who save solar fitted are  can playing an active role in reducing green house gas emissions and saving valuable resources for future generations.

About Enerlogy

Enerlogy (Pty) Ltd is a clean and renewable energy company formed in 2011. It is the strategic objective of the business to build a 1 gigawatt (GW) business over the next 20 to 30 years. This is an ambitious task, and it will do that 1 kw at a time if it has too. We see our reach extending across the African continent, and we aim to be amongst the premier supplier of renewable energy solutions across Africa.

Enerlogy is a supporter of clean energy. We believe that access to energy is a basic human right and that no person should be deprived of that right. Energy security is a catalyst for economic growth.

We are ideally placed to use out skills, relationships and networks to build residential, commercial and industrial renewable energy installations in South Africa and across the African continent.

To offer project development opportunities to investors and to build new on-grid and off-grid solutions to customers who need sustainable and reliable clean energy.

The business has access to strategic knowledge about energy demand, grid capacity, technology and solution and clean energy solutions and finance products that together make it a solutions driven organization able to take energy related opportunities to scale via its association with international project developers with proven track records.

As a focused energy developer we are ideally placed to take advantage of any opportunities that arise in this new and emerging market segment. To-date Enerlogy has completed over 50 projects. For some of our projects please navigate to our projects page or click here.

“Our customers report that the solar systems that Enerlogy has installed are performing beyond expectations and that they continue to be astounded by the production figures”

Our Experience

We have completed over 50 residential projects, 10 commercial projects and 4 schools. We have done work for private customers, business owners, and NGOs like Oxfam, EarthLife and Greenpeace.

We have many satisfied customers and can provide references for you to call.

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Solar components

Enerlogy wants to be a “one -stop -shop’  for all solar PV components.

We stock or supply the following critical components from leading manufacturers

Solar panels (Modules)


Mounting rails

roof brackets

various clamps

cables and switches.





Packaged Solutions


It is possible to buy packaged SunnySets that are pre-configured in certain popular and common sizes. For eg, a family household can purchase a3kw or  5kw system to produce most of it’s energy requirements without having to engage with designers, electricians, and energy planners. A simple calculation of consumption is all that is needed to start.

Buying a pre-configured SunnySet makes sense where ease of use, time and resources are important. Since all our systems are scalable and modular, adding more capacity is as easy as just ordering another pre-configured system.